A Cautious Man
November 29, 2007
"I ain't got much sense, but I still got my feet . . ."
Even though it's been some time between posts, we're still around.

In the last month we traveled to the West Coast, for a big family celebration, and welcomed the Cautious Kids home from college for Thanksgiving. It was the first time, for us, that Thanksgiving dinner was literally the first time we were all together around the table since the summer. That's a new thing, for us.

Somehow, I didn't get around to typing out any rambling random thoughts. Not that there hasn't been a lot of nonsense going on, out there. Anyway, we'll see what happens going forward.

November 07, 2007
Have You Heard The News
There's been more news about the decline in newspaper circulation. This always seems to be a source of joy for the likes of Ms. Malkin, and other right-wingers. I always wonder why that is. They still rely on the news-gathering functions of these newspapers, but they just prefer to get the stories online, or second-hand through some news filter like "Drudge" or some other editor aggregator. Ms. Malkin actually quotes approvingly from someone who thinks that talk radio should be our substitute for the news. Don't those talk radio folks just sit there reading to us from the newspaper, and then ranting about it?

I was especially curious about this comment, which came at the end of Ms. Malkin's dance of joy -

Parting question: I’m curious about how many of you still subscribe to a dead-tree newspaper. It’s been years since I had one delivered to my home. How about you?

Years? Really? No newspapers at all in the house? Three questions come to mind.

1. Leave aside whatever prejudices you may have about the "mainstream media" (or MSM, as they like to say, probably because it reminds them of KSM). Don't you live in a community, and doesn't it have a local paper? Aren't you the least bit curious about what is going on in your town or city, in local government, or in your schools? Sure, local papers might be lower down on the media food chain, but they still are something to use in order to keep up with what's going on, where you live.

2. Don't you have kids? What are you teaching your kids about being an informed citizen? Are you just training your kids to stare at a video screen? Kids should be provided with good examples, including seeing their parents reading and discussing the news. My kids have grown into well-informed young people, not because we berated them about reading the news, but because it seemed like a natural thing to do. Oh, and get a good newspaper into your home each day, and your kids' vocabularies will grow - heck, if the "raise more informed kids" reason doesn't appeal to the average right-winger, maybe the "score higher on the SATs" motivation will work.

3. The comics. How can you not get the comics?

November 04, 2007
Sunday Night Springsteen
"Blind Faith" edition.

If you're reading the news and commentary, there's an undercurrent of opinion that the Iraq War could have been a good thing, if only it hadn't been mishandled. Unspoken in those comments, is the idea that the Iran War will be managed better.

It never ends, unfortunately.


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