A Cautious Man
September 15, 2012
Working Real Hard
Trying to Get My Hands Links Clean

Having turned the lights back on, I need  to dust around the blogroll to the right, and clean up or toss some links, and add a few new ones.

Seems some folks also gave up (some permanently,  apparently).  I gave it up for a while when my comments plug-in got flaky (I think they went out of business or re-wrote something that didn't work with my template here).  Since I  had sort of jury-rigged this template, I didn't want to throw it out and start from scratch, because it would have messed up older posts.  So, first I had to find out how to unplug the plug-in (finally found that), and then find out how to get Blogger comments into a creaky old template.

Well, so far, it seems to be running.  "She's humming like a turbine jet" (well, maybe not that good).

All of The Old Faces
Ask You Why You're Back

So, we thought we'd come back to this. Anything happen?


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