A Cautious Man
October 24, 2003
Fun With The Bush Blog
A few weeks ago I mentioned how the new Bush Campaign Blog was certain to provide lots of material for comments. Well, in addition to the essays, they also have this "just regular folks" feature inviting people to send in their answers to the question: "Why Do You Support President Bush?" Today's installment features one Todd Goberville of Parkland, Florida, who e-mailed his comments:
I support President Bush because, as working parents of two young girls, we must not only be great role models for our kids, but we must also save for their futures. President Bush's Child Credits have allowed us to put an extra $800.00 to their college funds and he is a President who our girls can look up to and say, "someday, I want to be just like him!" Thanks for being a great leader and role model during the most difficult time in our nation's history President Bush!
His message, accompanied by his picture, can be viewed here. Mr. Goberville doesn't identify himself any further, but through the magic of Google we find him (with the same picture) as President of the Broward County Young Republicans on their website. We can also find a picture of him gettin' down on the dance floor (scroll to bottom of page) at the 2003 Florida Young Republican Convention.

So, nice spontaneous support there on the Bush Blog.



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