A Cautious Man
February 03, 2004
Been Watching You Awhile, Maybe You've Been Watching Me Too
An interesting side story has come to light, as a result of the "dance-related disrobing program activities":
TiVo said that particular halftime stunt was the most replayed moment not only of the Super Bowl but of all TV moments that the young company has ever measured.

TiVo said it used its technology to measure audience behavior among 20,000 users during the Super Bowl. The exercise revealed a 180 percent spike in viewership at the time of the -- as Timberlake refers to it -- "wardrobe malfunction."
So, let me get this straight - if you have a little TiVo thing, it not only knows what you're watching, it knows exactly what you're watching. That's just great, a TV that watches you. Care for another Victory Gin, Mr. Smith?



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