A Cautious Man
August 28, 2004
"Give My Love to Rose Rove ..."
I heard on the radio today that one of the celebrations related to the Republican National Convention will be a tribute to Johnny Cash. Now, I never thought of Johnny Cash as a Republican, so you can imagine what I thought his reaction would have been. Reading the news later, I found a story about someone who thought the same thing, but she decided to do something about it:
"A lot of his political songs really represented issues the Republicans don't really seem to care about very much," Erin Siegal said in an interview with The Associated Press. "I find this really offensive, for his name or his memory to be used like this."

The 22-year-old art student from Brooklyn, N.Y., launched a Web site dedicated to her cause and says she expects at least 500 people to protest at Tuesday's events. All have been asked to dress in black, Cash's signature color, and bring musical instruments and their singing voices.
It's on August 31, if you're going to be there. More information (and detailed instructions on how to dress) is available at www.defendjohnnycash.org.



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