A Cautious Man
June 27, 2005
Check My Look in the Mirror ...
... and the dang Blogger seems to be messing up how we look, now. All of a sudden, the text doesn't start until after the right-hand menu. At first, I blamed the "cat blogging", but I tried it out on a test site and it's messed up there, too.

This thing is formatted using one of the pre-set templates ("Bluebird", in case you know anything about this), with some color and font adjustments. That's about the limit of my programming ability right now. I don't know why the Blogger empire messed with things on their end. In the meantime, I may carry on, but I won't be happy about it ...

(Edited to add) Hold the phone - I found a suggestion on a discussion board at this link, to insert a line in the template code, that seems to have solved the problem. Apparently, when the new picture function became available, they changed some code that affected everybody with a similar template (even those without photogenic felines).

Let's see how long this works ...

(Edited again to add) Well, it works for Internet Explorer, but might not for Mozilla. Although, when I just checked this post, it seemed to be okay.

I really wish Blogger didn't expect all of us amateurs to have to figure out how to do these things. Oh, well, I guess you get what you pay for.




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