A Cautious Man
July 10, 2005
Fear's A Powerful Thing ...
... but not if you do not let it take control.

We've done a lot of things based on fear, or should I say, based on fear overcoming other things. I think that Americans let fear, and let politicians peddling fear, convince us that our problems would be solved if we invaded Iraq, instead of pursuing other solutions.

And, if I may be so bold, I think that we really don't know if the London bombings were the work of a vast international conspiracy, the work of a few dangerous people, or something in between. What we do know is that our governments have not been pursuing policies designed to deal with these dangers.

In any event, despite my moniker here, I and the whole Cautious Family are still taking our trip to London at the end of July. I share the sentiment of the folks who have posted their support at www.WereNotAfraid.com (Link via So May It Secretly Begin).



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