A Cautious Man
October 30, 2005
"I Woke Up Last Night Shaking From A Dream
For In That Dream I Died"

Before we move too far down the road discussing the indictments of high government officials, the mishandling of the war and the weather, or even a new Supreme Court nominee, let's take a moment to feel a little sorry for Harriet Miers. How must it feel, to know that when you come to the end of a hopefully long and productive life, the headline on your obituary will be - "Withdrew Nomination for Supreme Court". Your whole life, reduced to that one time you were on the wrong side of a political scrum ...

Even though she is a top White House official, she's really a victim of the drive-by governing style of the President. Face it, she was done in by the "conservatives" who didn't think she was enough of a firebrand. The Administration went ahead without gathering all the facts, without checking with the experts, and blindly ignoring the warning signs. Sound familiar?

Of course, as the "Plamegate" story reminds us, there are other victims of the Administration, some deliberately so. We're all interested in hearing why it was so important to destroy the career of a CIA operative, just to do political damage control. And to what end, to defend or to conceal how the Iraq War was initiated?

Having started this particular random thought, I realize that while Ms. Miers has definitely had a bad week, she'll get over it. After all, the publication of her obituary remains in the far future. On the other hand, there have been thousands of obituaries already published, of other victims of the deliberately ignorant (at best) and/or coldly venal (at worst) decision-making at the White House.



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