A Cautious Man
January 02, 2006
Cautious Man
One of the reasons (and, there are a couple of them) that this collection of random thoughts takes its name from a particular song is the line –
When something caught his eye he'd measure his need
And then very carefully he'd proceed
So, if I have a New Years resolution, it is to be less, well, cautious in that regard. I’ve already started out on the wrong foot, since as you can see this isn’t being posted on January 1 (even though I thought about writing this on that day).

Basically, I have to improve my ratio of doing things to thinking about doing things. I have to remember that anything good that’s ever happened to me has been the result of overcoming my natural hesitation. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t now be married to the Cautious Wife (yes, readers, “he let his cautiousness slip away”), or have any of the Cautious Kids, or be sitting right now in my nice home in my cool town. Listen, I agonized a long time over DSL vs. cable modem – that’s just the way I am. This whole site would’ve been operating a lot sooner if I hadn’t kept fussing with the color scheme (Hey, what's wrong with those colors? …).

We’ll see how it goes. Maybe if I let go of this obsessive need to try to use song lines for post titles, we might get more done here this year.



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