A Cautious Man
February 09, 2006
"Bring ‘Em Home"
Last night, there were two versions of that plea.

Version I – The short version -

At the Grammy Awards last night, Bruce Springsteen performed “Devils and Dust”. As recounted in a story in the Boston Globe -
Is Bruce Springsteen ever not riveting? His performance of "Devils and Dust" was classic, and very early Bob Dylan. Without so much as moving his hips, he generated intensity and spark, spitting out his lyrics so that we just had to hang on each line. ''And tonight faith just ain't enough," he sang, ending the song with a sober call: ''Bring 'em home."
Version II – The long version –

Some very dedicated individuals in my community hosted a forum last night, entitled “A Responsible Withdrawal from Iraq”. Among the speakers were the parents of a young man who has been mentioned here before – Edward August “Augie” Schroeder. His parents are taking a stand, and they are to be admired for that. The forum last night discussed the many plans out there to bring our troops home.

We should hope and pray that these pleas (the short and the long) are answered soon.



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