A Cautious Man
September 24, 2006
Summer's Gone, and the Time is Right ...
Yes, this is a poor excuse for a blog, isn't it?

I said I'd try to do better (several times this year, you can see them not too far down in the posts), and did not follow through. That's something that I was going to do for myself, and did not do. So, now that our leisurely summer is over, and some serious stuff is starting up for fall, maybe we'll try to do a little better.

When we started these little random thoughts, there was a reason for this: "Anyway, now I have someplace to carry on, in hopefully a more healthy manner as opposed to just frowning at the monitor or shouting at the TV, when I see some nonsense that is just begging for someone like me to respond to."

By the way, looking at what was written here at the start of this thing three years ago, it all holds up pretty well, if I do say so myself. That's actually kind of depressing, if you think about it.

Anyway, today the "Big Dog" did something that all of us wannabes would love to be able to do - he called "bullsh*t" on his Fox News interlocutor, told the truth about what the questioner was up to, and cut him a new one as he went point-by-point refuting the "Faux News" alternate/fake history of the world. It was a beautiful thing.

So as I tell myself, if we are silent we are acquiescing. So we should not be silent.



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