A Cautious Man
December 20, 2006
So This Is Christmas
And What Have You Done?

Well, I have done not much in the way of posting.

I'd like to say that I've been hip-deep in political activity as part of the Great Wave of 2006 - but that would not be true. I had some little involvement, and a lot of that was with local issues.

Luckily, things came out not too bad, nonetheless.

As I've read back over my occasional thoughts here, I realize that my hopes for what people should do, have exceeded my own contributions. I don't know if that will change, or if posting more here would actually be the best way to change that.

But, what the heck, as I wrote in the first post here, it beats just shouting at the television.

While not posting, I have been house-cleaning over in the "People I'm Reading", in the sidebar. It's a representation of the things I'm interested in looking over on the web.

I'll see how things go in the new year.



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