A Cautious Man
March 18, 2007
Sunday Night Springsteen
The "too-ri-ay, fol diddle-de-day, too-ri-you-ri too-ri-ay" edition.

First, I had other things that I thought of to post this week, but I did not do it. Not that you care, but I just had to get that out. I will try harder (but, that's what I always say ...).

Okay, so to continue. St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion tomorrow – and a fitting song for both of them is “Mrs. McGrath”. As the album notes from the Seeger Sessions point out, this is an Irish song that dates to the Napoleonic Wars, with printed versions found from 1815. The sentiment about war is the same as today’s however.

We’ll give the last word to Ms. McGrath herself:

"All foreign wars I do proclaim
live on blood and a mothers pain.
I'd rather have my son as he used to be
Than the King of America
And his whole Navy!"



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