A Cautious Man
June 26, 2007
Time Slips Away, ...
Once again, we've neglected this space. At least this time, it's been busy here lately. The Cautious Daughter graduated from High School, and we've been planning the getaway to college (and our own getaway after we take her there). Maybe I should write about that ...

As usual, I have been just sitting and reading, or viewing, some absolutely stunning things. Tonight, I watched Ann Coulter with Chris Matthews, and she was even more hate-filled than usual. Sure, Matthews sand-bagged her by having Elizabeth Edwards call in, and ask Ms. Coulter if she could avoid the personal attacks. Ms. Coulter (predictably) deliberately restated that as a request to stop writing, and showed some of the usual vileness. In addition, at the end a Barack Obama supporter asked her why she would characterize Obama as "godless", and she went off on a rant about the church Obama attends. Funny, but I can't recall ever reading about any church that Ms. Coulter actually attends. She seems to be making a good living being some sort of "Christian" commentator, but it's not clear how that carries over to her off-hours.

In any event, that's the kind of hypocrisy that really bugs me. Maybe I should write more often ...



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