A Cautious Man
July 01, 2007
London Calling
So, two summers ago, the Cautious Wife and I took the Cautious Kids to London. We didn't let fear of the bombs and bomb threats that summer keep us away (as noted here and here at the time). And we learned that a LOT of other people thought the same way, in the "We're Not Afraid" campaign.

Well, about a month ago the Cautious Wife and I decided to plan a vacation, for after dropping our younger child off at her first semester of college at the end of August. And we decided to go to - London, of course.

I have this funny feeling that the situation in Great Britain, combined with the deep-seated desire of Republican Presidential candidates to exploit it for their own ends, will keep the drumbeats of fear going this summer.

And my reaction is the same - We're Not Afraid.



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