A Cautious Man
March 18, 2008
In reading about Senator Obama and Rev. Wright, I was dreading what appeared to be the inevitable "moment of truth". Senator Obama was going to be presented with a choice - does he run away from people who have been a part of his political and social growth, or does he fall victim to the Fox-type smears.

I'm less bothered by Rev. Wright's speech excerpts, than by the fact that Senator Obama had to give that speech today.

I know that it was an intelligent and adult essay on race and religion, and I also know that it deserves to be examined and commented on for years, because it is rare that our politicians talk to us like this.

But it's also sad, that even Senator Obama is unable to break through the distortions of the media, and point out how we've been hood-winked about Rev. Wright and his preaching.



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