A Cautious Man
June 25, 2009
Cat Shrugs His Shoulders
Sits Back and Sighs ...

We had to say goodbye to one of the Cautious Cats today. Not only was he in pain, but his lack of eating had made him half the cat he had been (although that still was considerable, for a cat). He was finally too weak to do the cat things he always liked to do. His last extended (and slow) walk around the house was a few days ago, and he wandered all over as if looking for some way, any way, to get outside - probably just to go off by himself.

So, he's not in pain anymore. He is survived by a Cautious Man, a Cautious Wife, two Cautious Kids and his older, Cautious Cat brother.

I now will need another way to keep the papers on my desk from being blown off by a sudden breeze.



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