A Cautious Man
July 03, 2004
Independence Day
I realized that I'm observing Independence Day this year in a variety of appropriate ways, roughly corresponding to Franklin Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms". For the first, "Freedom of Speech", we saw "Fahrenheit 9/11" last night. I'll probably have some random thoughts on it another time, but I will say that the second half is more powerful and effective than the "snarkier" parts in the beginning (and any commentators who claim they left in the middle of the movie, should go back and see the whole thing).

For the second, "Freedom of Worship", this evening I'm attending our community's annual interfaith gathering in the park, taking to heart John Adams' advice as quoted below. That's a celebration of not only our diversity (with Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Baha'i participants), but also our unity as a community and a nation.

For the third, "Freedom from Want", there's a cook-out to be at tomorrow afternoon, before helping with my son's Boy Scout troop, selling hot dogs as the sun sets and our town fireworks burst overhead.

As for the last, "Freedom from Fear" - well, despite the efforts of the folks in charge of issuing terror warnings this weekend, I hope everyone has a Happy Independence Day!



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