A Cautious Man
July 15, 2004
They Sent Some Dude with a Calling Card, He Said Do What You Like, But Don't Do it Here
No doubt you've read about Whoopi Goldberg, the latest victim of the type of politically-motivated boycotting I discussed here the other day.  Some choice examples of the messages sent to Slim-Fast can be found on FreeRepublic.com.  It's unfortunate that this effort succeeded, because that means that we can expect more of that type of childish nonsense as campaign season continues (and probably after that, as well).  I'll say it again, this seems to be a technique mainly practiced by the pro-Bush/Republican/Conservative/pick-your-label side of the aisle.  Look, Dennis Miller has been annoying and partisan for some time now, but I never heard of any efforts to boycott satellite TV because he was a spokesman. 
And to top it off, I learned today that the dudes at pabaah.com (who I had mentioned and linked to last week) would rather I not link to their site.  When I click on the link in my post below (or the one in this paragraph) I get a little message.
Your coming from a site that we don't like. So why dont we send you back! powered whit Protector System
Go ahead, you try.  See?  Now, leaving aside their difficulty with contractions, I find it amusing that my relatively innocuous reflection on thought-based boycotting (the worst thing I called it was "silly") earned me a semi-literate invitation to never darken their door again.  Checking my Sitemeter, it looks like a couple of other people have been bounced back here, as well.
I have no idea what to do about this.  Looking at their advertisers, I can't see any actual products to boycott until they cease their unwarranted ban on my linking to them (not even the W Ketchup).  Maybe the best thing to do is use them as a resource when making my entertainment choices.  You know, find some good movies or shows based on their list of what not to see. 
Oh, and sorry about the long post title.  The line just fit the topic, and I couldn't help myself.



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