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March 04, 2009
Because I'm Easily Amused ...
First off, I probably should have entitled a post "Because I'm Easily Distracted", since with all the crazy stuff going on in the world, I haven't bothered to toss off a random thought about any of it lately.

So what has stirred me from this lethargy? Well, I have been keeping up with the news, the same as any of you here on "the internets". The Talking Points Memo site had a story today that made my jaw drop, and then laugh out loud.

First, the jaw drop. Senator David Vitter, who was caught up in that whole "DC Madam" thing (which ended, if you recall, with the poor woman killing herself), has decided that he has to be "Mr. Family Values" to get ready for his reelection campaign next year. His vehicle is to attack spending on family planning programs. Seriously. The guy was paying for vo-dee-oh-doh-doh by the hour, and he wants to make it harder for other people to have safe vo-dee-oh-doh-doh? Please ...

But then the part that made me laugh out loud, as explained by TPM:

It has to be noted, of course, that Vitter is facing potential primary challenges from a leading Christian-right activist, a former Congressman, and a porn star. (That's three different people, by the way, not one person matching all three descriptions.)

Glad they cleared that up!



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