A Cautious Man
March 05, 2009
A Million-Dollar Break
You've probably heard about the latest "Mega Millions" lottery winners, a group of co-workers in New Jersey. Ten people splitting $216 million. Nice.

But, not as nice as this part of the story, which is in the article linked to above.

The six men and four women who won said they've worked in Chubb's IT division from seven to 30 years and had been buying tickets together for years.

One regular buyer, Oscar Oviedo, had asked Space to count him in and promised $5 for his share. Space rushed over to him early Wednesday morning and demanded the money.

"I thought: 'How rude!'" Oviedo said with a laugh, recalling how he handed over $5, unsure why Space was being so insistent. "Then he said, 'OK, thanks — you're a millionaire.'"

You often see these lottery stories end up as bad news. That was a little good news about good people.



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