A Cautious Man
April 23, 2009
Don't Say It Ain't So, Joe ...
Here's a quick tip. If you are trying to argue with Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Chu, the Energy Secretary, that it must have been warmer up in Alaska ages ago (because how else could the oil have got there), double check to make sure there might not be another explanation, such as the fact that the continents have moved over the last 200 Million years. If you don't want to read about it, you could just watch a "moving continents" animation over here. Otherwise, you may look ignorant.

Here's another quick tip. If you do forget to double-check and go ahead anyway, don't send out a press release entitled "How’d the oil get to Alaska, hitchhike?", because you're just "pwning" yourself.

And don't "tweet" about it either, because congratulating yourself for being uninformed looks even worse when you think you're being "cool" doing it.

And for the love of everything that is holy, don't post a video yourself on YouTube to show everyone what you did, because then you're more easily mocked about the whole "self-pwning" thing.

Representative Joe Barton. Using a multimedia strategy to let people know how clueless he is.



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