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April 21, 2009
Going Off The Rails On A Crazy Train
It seems that conservatives have jumped onto Twitter in a big way. Maybe because the left took a commanding lead on the blogging front ("left-wing-blogs" is practically a single word on the Fox Views Network); which is only right since the right gets to control hate radio.

But the whole thing is just odd. For example, Newt Gingrich is "tweeting" up a storm, as part of his multimedia assault to get his name and face as many places as possible. Of course, to do that he has to be ready to say something crazy anytime, anywhere, to get noticed. This post by Atrios leads one to the full Newt Gingrich Twitter Page, which is an astounding compendium of disjointed thoughts, brief bursts of self-promotion and fawning praise on anyone who promotes him, and just plain craziness. Atrios had linked to a "tweet" which reads: "@JohnNess slurp is much more than a teabag. Slurp is proof of the phony accounting and long term debt of the geithner system."

Apparently, using the term "slurp" takes the juvenile humor of "teabag" to a whole new level, but we won't go there.

Anyway, it appears that "slurp" is a "satirical" example which is being cooked up as explained in prior tweets:

Slurp--student loan undergraduate repayment plan--modeled on tarp-is being developed by michael krull at american solutions

Anthony DePietro fordham econ major is helping with slurp This program will apply tarp principles to cutting student repayment 80% or more

For his part, Mr. @JohnNess responded to the slurp/teabag comparison with: "Sir, I have to question your satiric instincts here."

Now, it's a little hard to piece these conversations together, which is part of the reason the Newt Gingrich twitter feed is like a crazy ride through his mind. So, I'm not at all sure what he is responding to in this tweet: "@christinajade see you there".

I couldn't easily find any "@Newt" tweet on Ms. ChristinaJade's twitter page. I did find her link to her own blog (entitled "Random Thoughts", which is part of our subtitle here). It seems she was a tea party participant last week, but doesn't seem like a doctrinaire conservative. And, maybe Newt's message to her had something to do with the head-bangin' music sprinkled through her blog, the way we sprinkle Springsteen videos around here.

So, maybe Newt is planning a meet-up later to rock out to a classic like Bullet Boys "Smooth Up In Ya" -

- or, maybe not ...

[Edited at 6:30 p.m. to add]

This is funny. As of now, it appears that "the Google" has two definitive websites that it produces on a search for the term "student loan undergraduate repayment plan". One is authored by a dilettante commentator desperate for any attention he can get. And the other is from Newt Gingrich. ;-)



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