A Cautious Man
October 13, 2008
In The Heat Of The Night
In the grand scheme of things, this is almost a nothing story. Still, I think it's an example of Senator McCain being a little out of touch:

In an effort to energize supporters at his campaign headquarters in Arlington, Va., John McCain on Sunday may have also whipped up a little controversy with a remark that he'd "whip" Barack Obama's "you know what" at the next debate.

The presidential candidates are meeting Wednesday in their final televised debate before the Nov. 4 election.

But McCain's pledge -- coming after two days of racial grievances aired by McCain's camp over a comparison made by Rep. John Lewis of McCain to the late Gov. George Wallace -- has sent shivers down the spines of some Republicans who find the racially charged verb may be used against the candidate.

Addressing several dozen volunteers at his campaign headquarters outside Washington, McCain promised some of his signature "straight talk" about the state of the race, and went on to acknowledge his drop in the polls.

Senator McCain better be careful if he thinks he's the one who is going to be doing some whippin'. In that spirit, I offer up the following as a preview of the upcoming debate, courtesy of a scene from "In The Heat Of The Night":



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