A Cautious Man
October 18, 2008
Sweet Virginia
After graduating from college, I continued my education at the University located in Charlottesville, Virginia. I met a lot of people from that state, and came to learn that there was the stereotype of a "Virginian", and the reality that there are all kinds of people and views there, as anywhere. Although, I did have one acquaintance who grew up in southwestern Virginia who, even after she came north for work, would let slip with the occasional "N word" after a drink or two, as if that was the way one spoke in polite company.

Anyway, I thought of all of this when I saw this interview with McCain campaign spokesperson Nancy "Superfluous P" Pfotenhauer. She was arguing that the "real Virginia" would not be voting for Senator Obama.

Even when the interviewer gave her a chance to clarify, she said: "I mean 'real Virginia' because Northern Virginia is where I've always been, but 'real Virginia' I take to be the -- this part of the state that is more Southern in nature, if you will."

Wow. So, based on my personal experience, Ms. Superfluous P says that the "real Virginia" is the one where people talk about the n*ggers, as opposed to all of the other possible Virginias.

I would venture to suggest that Ms. Superfluous P is incorrect. The "real Virginia" is the one which elected Jim Webb over George "Hey, Macaca Brown Guy!" Allen. It's the one which elected Tim Kaine, a crazy Catholic guy who is opposed to the death penalty. And it's the one in which all of those people I met still live, even though they know that people in other places may still have that stereotype in their minds.

By the way, I went to Google to make sure that I was spelling "Macaca" correctly. I wanted to type in "George Allen Macaca", but when I had just typed "George Allen", the Google feature that suggests alternatives for what you are searching for had already suggested that as the number one choice.

If I lived in Virginia, I would be annoyed that my state was defined by the racist clowns who occupy positions of influence in today's GOP.

In short, I think the "real Virginia" would be upset with Ms. Superfluous P, because they know that they are more than, and better than, her stereotypes.



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