A Cautious Man
September 06, 2009
Skip Some School ...
I think it's ridiculous that people are letting the right-wing media whip them into a frenzy over a Presidential speech to school kids, urging them to work hard, study and succeed. The usual suspects are bleating nonsense that they're just concerned about "parental choice" in what their kids hear in school, or that it's "partisan".

The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition announces “Hall Pass on That,” the alternative to President Barack Obama’s September 8th address to school children across the nation. The group asks that schools who choose to participate in the president’s September 8th program offer an alternative to students and families who do not wish to view, or have their children view, a partisan address or participate in activities that did not follow proper educational protocol or obtain parental consent.

I'm sure these same people have been just as devoted to respecting the Establishment Clause and keeping kids from being proselytized in school. Not.

I think that it's simply a case of some parents not wanting their kids to see that the President of the United States is an African-American with an accomplished background, obvious poise and intelligence, and who tells everybody that there's no limit to what they can achieve. Not the "thizzle thug" with a bone through his nose as these parents have been telling their kids all this time.



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