A Cautious Man
September 26, 2009
W├śRD Up!
In case you missed Stephen Colbert "going there" on the whole right-wing whining about accusations of some racism in their ranks -

It's not merely a comedy routine, but also a meticulously compiled brief which shows the arc of anti-Obama commentary which has a strong anti-African American component. Such as his example of Glenn Beck declaiming, "The health care bill is reparations. It's the beginning of reparations," or Rush Limbaugh telling his audience, "Obama's entire economic program is reparations. ...If I were Sharpton, I'd say 'he gonna take from the rich, he's gonna take -- he's gonna give it to you."

While it's good to laugh, it's also good to be concerned about the audio poison which clowns like Beck and Limbaugh continue to pour out.



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