A Cautious Man
September 27, 2009
Sunday Night Springsteen
Long story short - my brother and his spouse, who now live in Massachusetts, wanted to come down and join us at one of the last Springsteen concerts at Giants Stadium, on 10/3. I was able to get tickets, but not four together - just two and two in different, distant sections. Fortunately, somebody I've been to concerts with before learned of my plight, and offered us four of her tickets for that night, all together in a better section.

So, yesterday I went on our local internet message board, describing the two sets of tickets and offering them at face value. Shortly thereafter, someone who lives a short distance from my house asked for all four, and said that my offer was an inspiration to turn next weekend into a Springsteen weekend with her husband and two of his friends. I delivered the tickets early this afternoon, and in addition to the face value they gave me a nice bottle of wine.

Anyway, the whole point for our purpose this evening is that if there's something you want, you've got to raise your hand.



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