A Cautious Man
November 26, 2004
A Forgotten War?
In case you were wondering - yes, American soldiers are still dying in Afghanistan. Details and updated information are available at this link.

And, according to a news report about the latest casualties, our efforts in Iraq have enabled the still-active Taliban to learn new ways to strike at our troops and disrupt efforts to stabilize the country:
The toll exacted by Taliban and al-Qaida holdouts defying a U.S. force currently numbering about 18,000 pales next to the more than 1,200 Americans killed in Iraq.

But there is concern Afghan militants are copying their Iraqi counterparts from the already widespread use of roadside bombs to the Oct. 28 kidnapping of three foreign election workers which sent shudders through Kabul's expatriate community.
Just another "mission accomplished", I guess.



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