A Cautious Man
November 09, 2004
"Well Don't Just Sit There"
If there's something you need
That you just don't have
Well just don't sit there
Feeling bad
Come on now get up
Try and understand …

Democratic Party Chair Terry McAuliffe sent out a last "thank you" letter to contributors, and solicited comments. My friend Curmudgeon at Mapleberry Blog has a few things to tell him:
It may be sufficient for the DNC's Washington insiders to lick their wounds and slink quietly out of sight for a while, to emerge after the Electoral College vote is certified on Jan. 6, the furor has died down, and the election is a fait accompli. For us regular folks, though, such acquiescence is completely unacceptable. We are hurting, politically, emotionally, and economically, and it's only going to get much worse. Even if nothing can be done to roll back the apparent Kerry defeat, not to fight it out on the ground, today, is to give up entirely on the great American experiment - Democracy. That's it, finis.

~ snip ~

So, Terry, I don't want your thanks for a fight well fought, and I'm not yet ready to give you suggestions for next time - it's still this time. We need you today - not in 2005, not 2006, not 2008 - NOW. Get off your asses. Follow the advice of that Warren Zevon song - "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" - because to rest now will mean that the Democratic Party, and American democracy itself, are indeed dead.
I would only add that this would be a good way to start playing by "Republican rules" --- for example, if anybody claims that demanding a proper count is being a "sore loser", just say, "Our party stands for counting every single vote, no matter what the result, in contrast to those who don't want to hear the will of the American people." Or something like that.



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