A Cautious Man
October 27, 2007
Out In The Street
So, we sent the Cautious Daughter off to college this fall. And even though you don't think your kids are listening to you - apparently, some of them do. In our case, she's become involved in social justice activities at school, including the Eyes Wide Open project on her campus.

She caught a ride home from school today, because she was on her way to participate in today's march against the war in Iraq. She caught the train from town into New York, with our local "Be About Peace" activists.

I stayed home, did the grocery shopping and picked up the dry cleaning.

I don't know whether I should be happy that I have children who want to do something to oppose our government's war policies, or sad because we're in a situation where our children have to actually deal with a war like this - while their parents run errands.

Anyway, here are some of her pictures from today. This shows some of the people from town, and the "Be About Peace" sign that is seen all around our community.

This sign had a message that says it all -

A shot of the crowd -

And, somebody whom the Cautious Daughter found amusing -



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