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October 07, 2007
Sunday Night Springsteen
Tonight, it really was "Sunday Night Springsteen", with the gentleman himself featured on "60 Minutes".

The story's online, so if you didn't see it, just go here.

My favorite part of the interview (and, IMHO, it's something that a longtime fan would find most interesting) is the dialogue regarding his father. His father did seem to be part of a lot of those characters in his songs, who were looking for a better life. That came out in this interview -

His recurring obsession is the life that he knew as a boy, the harsh relationship with his working class dad who didn't think much of a rock and roll son.

"It was a tough, struggling household. People struggled emotionally. People struggled financially to get through the day," Springsteen remembers. "Small town. Small town world which I continue to return to. It's like when I went to write, though, I put my father's clothes on. You know the immersement in that world through my parents and my own experience as a child and the need to tell a story that maybe was partially his. Or maybe a lot his. I just felt drawn to do it."

"Your dad wasn't all that proud of you as a young man?" Pelley asks.

"Oh, he was later. When I came home with the Oscar and I put it on the kitchen table, and he just looked at it and said, 'Bruce, I'll never tell anybody what to do ever again,'" Springsteen remembers, laughing. "It was like, that was his comment. So I said, 'Oh. That's okay.'"

If you've ever heard one of Mr. Springsteen's stories about his dad, in concert, that last one is the topper.



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