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October 21, 2007
Sunday Night Springsteen
As reported at Backstreets.com, Mr. Springsteen and the band teamed up with some "local heroes" in Ottawa last week.
Yep, in the six-song encore, Bruce and the E Streeters were joined by members of Arcade Fire, husband-and-wife band co-founders Win Butler and RĂ©gine Chassagne. First up was "State Trooper," a song Arcade Fire has been known to cover, and which the E Street Band hasn't played live since the Born in the U.S.A. tour. After that, they all went into "Keep the Car Running," a hard-hitting track from Arcade Fire's magnificent Neon Bible.
. . .

[Q]uite a curveball in the indie band's homeland, and a cross-generational mingling of talent on par with the R.E.M. team-up of 2004. Update: Actually, upon reflection, AF's appearance has more in common with Eddie Vedder's, especially in terms of bestowing the ultimate honor in a guest spot: The E Street Band learns your song, and you peform it with them.
Pretty cool, imho.

Some videos of the performance in Ottawa. First up, "State Trooper" On this one you can hear the audience (especially one person) freak out that the folks from Arcade Fire have come onstage.

And another version of that, starting in the middle of the performance -

And then, the E Street Band turned themselves into the "house band" for the folks from Arcade Fire, and backed them up on their own song, "Keep the Car Running". And the crowd goes wild . . .



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