A Cautious Man
November 23, 2008
Sorry for the title of this post. But, it's appropriate since Ahmed Chalabi was allowed to have his essay published in today's NY Times -
The Iraq war is over.

It ends five years too late and at far too terrible a cost in lives, money and idealism. The difficult and tortuous negotiations over the American withdrawal now coming to an end in Baghdad offer a distorted glimpse of what might have been.

Thanks, chief. If only you had been a little more "open" before we sent our brothers and sisters to die for your dreams of glory. Face it, our Iraq "adventure" was caused by Mr. Chalabi's desire to have our country install him in some high office there.

I can think of at least one person who gave his life because of Mr. Chalabi's dreams of glory.

So "scumbag" is the mildest word to use for Mr. Chalabi.



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