A Cautious Man
May 20, 2004
Blinded by the Light
Like many others, I've stocked up on CDs over the years, and have been neglecting to listen to my old favorite vinyl records. That's a shame, since that means that I rarely listen to a lot of the great rock and jazz albums which I collected all through my college years (other than those for which I acquired a CD replacement later on). This evening I was reminded of why I should not have neglected the phonograph needle, for the convenience of the laser. I was driving with my high school senior offspring, playing a new copy of the "Bruce Springsteen Essentials" CD. The first few songs are from the "Greetings from Asbury Park" album, and as "Blinded by the Light" played my progeny turned to me and said, "Is that a song he wrote?"

Now, I have dutifully taken the kids to see the E Street band in concert, and they've listened to everything I have on CD. But now I realize that I have neglected major portions of my personal musical history. So, it's either obtain more replacement CDs, or use the old turntable more (I wonder if they still sell refills for my "Discwasher" kit?).



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