A Cautious Man
May 24, 2004
Sell it and They Will Come
According to the news (okay, so it's WorldNetDaily), "a group of Christian activists is in the beginning stages of an effort to have one state secede from the United States to become its own sovereign nation." As they further explain:
"Our Christian republic has declined into a pagan democracy," says Cory Burnell, president of ChristianExodus.org, a non-profit corporation based in Tyler, Texas. "There are some issues people just can't take anymore, and [same-sex marriage] might finally wake up the complacent Christians."

Burnell is leading the charge for a peaceful secession of one state from the union, and after originally considering Alabama, Mississippi and South Carolina due to their relatively small populations, coastal access, and the Christian nature of the electorate, Burnell says South Carolina has been selected as the target location.
As they explain on their website: "The success of ChristianExodus.org will lead to an independent Christian nation where people may once again worship God under the protection of a friendly government. In addition, such a nation will be free of burdensome taxation and federal meddling in local affairs. Matter of factly, the liberties we have lost to liberalism over the past century will be restored in one fell swoop." At the site, interested people are asked to sign up, and indicate if they are going to move right away, or just promise to do so if things get too bad in the other 49 states.

This is actually a re-tread of an earlier idea pushed by Mr. Burnell, The Confederate State of America Project. This plan was also focused on South Carolina, as the first state to which like-minded Southerners (wherever they may be from) could move in order to start the next secession movement. Then, once that first state is independent, the dominos could start to fall, as it were, as argued by Mr. Burnell:
Our immediate or short-term scope should be independence for one specific state. We could then focus the vast majority of our resources in one direction and at one specific goal. I believe South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi to be the best candidates for immediate independence because of their relatively small populations, their dominant rural constituencies and their coastal access. However, we must choose only ONE as our immediate target, with the others biding time as objects of our mid-term goals. We can then establish our mid-term scope as independence for South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, rural Georgia and northern Florida.
Basically, the whole plan is rooted in the philosophy of the League of the South; although, perhaps because some in the League were less than enthusiastic about the idea, it's been transformed into sort of an "Outbound Christian Soldiers" concept.

Basically, the "Christian Exodus" proposal is a repackaging of a plan to create sort of a White Anglo Christian homeland in South Carolina. If anything, it will get Mr. Burnell a big mailing list of like-minded people.



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