A Cautious Man
May 03, 2004
Searching for a Little Bit of God's Mercy
As it says in this site's subtitle, this is a place for my "random thoughts". Occasionally there is a bit of a time lag between those thoughts (putting them into words, that is, not thinking them). This is also where I keep my main "reading list" (to the right). The people on that list are not there because I agree with everything they say, or believe; they're also not there to look for someone to argue with. I found them all by slogging through countless other sites, on a search for some sort of insight and perspective on current events. They're professionals and amateurs, insiders and outsiders, religious and non-religious (and some, irreligious). There are others who I probably should have on the list as well, and I guess I'll get to them eventually.

A number of the sites on my "reading list" have a Catholic perspective, either because they directly discuss religious matters, or as part of the lens through which they view the world at large. I learned today that I'm losing one of them - as it happens, one of the more unique and irreplaceable ones. Sursum Corda is "going out of business". There are a lot of "Catholic" blogs out there (often referred to as "St. Blog's Parish"). As the proprietor, Peter Nixon, states in his post here:
I know that I was sometimes a little out-of-step with the general zeitgeist at Saint Blogs. That was fine with me because I was being challenged and stretched in ways that might not have happened if I was surrounded by people who saw the world the same way I did. I hope it was fine with you. I think it’s helpful to get out of our own ideological or theological apartments on a regular basis and take a walk around the neighborhood.
Actually, that's what made him more interesting to me. I really hope he changes his mind, about removing what he has up now, and about never posting his thoughts again. If the posts are few and far between, I don't think we'll mind.



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