A Cautious Man
May 04, 2004
You Know It's Never Over
About three weeks ago, we saw the Army's "exoneration" of Muslim Chaplain James Yee, from unproven charges including espionage. Sure, there wasn't exactly an admission that the whole thing was trumped up, but so what? It's all over, right?

Fat chance. In the news tonight, there's an Associated Press story about a "Justice Department investigation", into whether Muslim chaplains are properly screened. The actual report may not be available for a few days, but that doesn't stop the release of general information to the press, without any specific allegations, regarding Muslim chaplains. And what do you know, right in the middle of this story we find the following:
The Pentagon last year arrested a Muslim chaplain, Army Capt. James Yee, on suspicion of espionage and other crimes for allegedly trying to take classified material into the military's detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The espionage allegations and other charges were dropped, and Yee was cleared of wrongdoing in April, when a military judge overturned an adultery and pornography reprimand against him.
So, it doesn't matter if you've been cleared, does it? Is Captain Yee doomed forever to be mentioned, whenever somebody feels the need to provide an irrelevant example of a "bad" Muslim?



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