A Cautious Man
May 20, 2004
Don't Make No Difference What Nobody Says
Following up on the post below, just how the heck could one, in good conscience, cast a vote to continue with the government's current policies?
A senior American cardinal in the Vatican has accused the U.S. administration of "moral failure" and deception in Iraq and warned the war had severely compromised future relations with the Arab world.
In an interview due to be published in the June edition of "Inside the Vatican" magazine, Cardinal James Francis Stafford also said the abuse of Iraqi prisoners was the work of "barbarians." An advance copy was made available to Reuters.

Stafford, the former archbishop of Denver who has been working in the Vatican since 1996, said the reasons for starting the war in Iraq were a "moral failure" because there had been no conclusive proof of weapons of mass destruction.

"Why did the president, the vice-president and the secretary of defense say there was an immediate danger to the peace of American society by the proximate use of weapons that would come from Iraq, either directly or through al Qaeda?" he said.

"Why did they say that when they didn't have direct evidence?" Stafford said
The complete article is here (via Hesiod). We are not, unfortunately, living in an ideal world. We will use our values, especially those from our religious faith, in order to make choices in this imperfect world. Despite what some may argue, I refuse to believe that the only moral choice is to vote to keep the current Administration in charge.



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